Friday, July 22, 2011

Boobies and Male Full Frontal at the Beach

I was floating about in the waves on our quick visit to the beach last night when I noticed a couple running along the sand. They weren't running in that trying-to-look-fit-by-going-for-a-run-on-the-beach-when-it's-crowded way but rather a running-away-from-the-scene-of-the-crime sorta' way. After watching for a couple of seconds I realized dude was full-on naked and she was topless. This was all followed by a lot of laughs and a friend waving the guy's swim trunks around. The whole thing only lasted a few seconds and they were quick to get dressed before anyone else noticed. This got me to thinking about what the big deal was anyway? Granted, full-frontal male nudity-in-motion isn't the most attractive thing in the world and what parent wants that thing waggin' in front of their kids anyway, right? But for the girl who thought that taking off her bikini top was a huge deal -- it's legal in Canada for women to be topless and I personally think it's beautiful. Why are people here still so hung up on boobies and showing their bodies? Shit -- I should run topless with my big floppy D-cups swinging side-to-side and really give 'em all something to see!!! Then her little A-cups won't be such a big deal and she can slow that terrified run to a more pleasurable stroll.

I feel like getting nekkid now!


  1. nancy30.1.13

    Fun reading! Us curvy girls need more of this.

  2. HA!!! ROFL!


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