Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Plus Size Answer to Playboy

Did you know that there is a Playboy-esque magazine that features plus size models? It's true! I'm not talking about a fetish magazine but a glossy magazine with beautiful hair and make up and tasteful pictures of BBWs  all glammed up. No 'pink' shots!! The magazine is BODacious.

The great thing about the magazine is that they recruit their models from allover and not just from agencies. This means that any BBW who wants to express herself this way and show herself off can do so, or at least have her shot at it by applying. They don't require full nudity and there are no spread shots making it an exciting prospect for those who have it in them to try.

Since starting this blog I have spoken to several women looking to get into plus modeling and a couple did mention in passing that they're so proud of their bodies that they would even pose naked. Well, I guess you've got your chance to give it a go thanks to BODacious! (Seriously, you can apply through this link!!)

How about you? Do you think you could ever pose nude in all your roly-poly splendor and share every inch of your outer beauty with the world? Hmmm...

PS - The fact that my last post referred to my ta-ta's as bodacious is just a total fluke. Seriously.


  1. Oh what an awesome thing! I Love this. its seriouisly about time that big girls where portrayed as sexy and classy and glamorous at the same time! :)


  2. Anonymous9.9.11

    I just sent in my video! Thank you for making me aware of this magazine!

  3. medusa30.1.13

    Playboy should have an issue for plus size girls!

  4. belly30.1.13

    I would love to see sexy fat girls in playboy too

  5. Is there a playboy for fat girls or a penthouse for fat girls?

  6. Anonymous21.8.13

    i love fat naked womans and likes to see the pictures how do i find???


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