Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Choose a Fatkini

If you’re a big gal who’s proud enough of her shape to wanna show it off in a bikini—fatkini if you prefer—you’re not doing yourself any justice wearing one that doesn’t flatter your shape. Now for those of you who get all edgy at the mere mention of the word “flattering” when it comes to plus size fashion, I’m not talking about trying to make yourself appear thinner or camouflaging anything. I get it: you’re big and proud and you don’t mind sayin’ it out loud by way of 2 little pieces of a nylon-spandex blend. To be blunt though: a swim suit that doesn’t fit or flatter simply looks like shit on any size.

When I refer to flattering I am in no way referring to making you look like anything but yourself. A flattering fit shows you off properly—every yummy inch. It offers the right amount of support for your “girls” and doesn’t pull, sag, or dig in even if your bikini of choice is a thong.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when shopping for your fatkini:

1. Try on several different styles. Don’t be lazy and just reach for your size and hope for the best and don’t rule out certain styles without giving them a go. Grab multiple styles in your size as well as in a size up and down, and hit the fitting room. You won’t know how something’s gonna look until you actually put it on.

2. Don’t focus on the number. Even the most confident woman can get hung up on the number on the size tag. Remember that sizing can vary from brand to brand and getting the best fit might require a different size than what you normally wear depending on the style. The last thing you wanna do is squeeze into a swimsuit that’s “supposed” to be your size and walk around feeling uncomfortable in a suit that looks like an overstuffed sausage casing. Who cares what the size tag says? And really, who the ‘eff is gonna know anyway? If it bugs you that much, then cut the tag off once you buy the suit. Repeat after me: It’s just a number!

3. Don’t skimp on quality. Now I’m all for having more than one swimsuit and picking up a few inexpensive suits to be able to mix things up and to be able to enjoy some very “now” pieces without breaking the bank on something that you’ll only get a season out of or, like me, get sick of really quickly. For the most part though, your swimwear is not something you want to skimp on when it comes to quality. A good quality bikini will last you more than one beach season and keep its shape and color while also fitting well and making you look fab. And if you hit the beach or pool as much as I do, then you want something that’s going to be able to take all the sun and sand you can throw at it as well as stay put while you’re frolicking even in the roughest waters.

4. Don’t expect a miracle. Seriously, how many women come out of a fitting room disappointed with how fat they look in a swimsuit? This is especially crazy for those of us who are already fat to begin with. Were you expecting a miracle? Did you think that slipping into that bikini would somehow make all of your lady lumps disappear, making you look as flawless as the photo-shopped model in the magazine or billboard? Get real! Expect a suit to fit you well and be worth the money you spend and nothing more. It’s a swimsuit, not a genie!

5. Smile. Looking confident in what you wear is key to looking good in it. You should feel good about the suit you choose and focus on enjoying your time beach or pool side instead of worrying about what others are thinking. Smile for an instant beauty boost no matter what you’re wearing. Cheesy as it sounds, people will always notice your smile before anything else. If wearing your bikini doesn't put a smile on your face then go back to square one and choose one that does.

*If you're looking for ideas on styles or need a little boost of nerve, check out fatkinis on Tumblr where you'll find plus size women of all sizes showing off their fatkini looks.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anorexic bulimics come in all shapes and sizes

For anyone who has ever wanted to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about my struggle with weight, then this one's for you. It's also for those who think that all anorexics are thin and emaciated or that there's no such thing as too much exercise. I'm living proof that not all big girls are lazy and sitting on their butts eating bonbons all day -- a sad but common stereotype.

I wrote a guest post on behalf of Healthline for a great blog -- Finding Ninee's Our Land Series. From the comments it looks as if the post has been well received. I hope you'll get something out of it too.

You can click here to read it or go to And while you're there, I recommend having a browse through the other stories shared in the Our Land series. I think the blog owner sums it up perfectly by saying  "This has become a place where the dreamers among us have gathered to create acceptance." There's something for everyone there and I am happy that this opportunity turned me on to this amazing blog.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

For Fatkini Haters: Cute One-Piece Swimsuits

As promised--and because I'm being practically bullied into it by fatkini haters--this post is all about cheap plus size swimsuits from Forever 21.

Like I said in my previous post, there are some pretty cute swimsuits at Forever 21  for curvy girls and the selection is pretty impressive compared to previous years. I shared some of their fatkinis last week so it's only fair that I cover some of the options for those who aren't fans of the fatkini and like a little more coverage at the beach.

I am in no way affiliated with Forever 21 and am  not really a fan of their stuff these days if I'm going to be perfectly honest. Sorry, but throwing an outdated hat on a girl doesn't make a frumpy or ugly outfit trendy or fashionable and that seems to be the way of the folks at Forever 21 when it comes to styling some of their plus size pieces. I'm writing about their swimwear simply because they offer a good selection of affordable and stylish plus size bikinis and one-piece suits...and because I am a swimwear junkie. That is all.

Enjoy the selection and please do comment if you've seen any other cute swimsuits for big girls that you wanna share. These swimsuits are all $33.90 (CAD).

Friday, February 28, 2014

Holy Fatkinis Forever21!

Just a quick post to share the new plus bikinis at Forever21. I just had a quick browse but couldn't believe how many fatkinis and plus swimsuits they had posted just since I was on the site a couple of days ago. Perhaps Forever21 in the US has always had a good selection, but this is definitely a first on their Canadian site! Not sure about the quality and fit since I have never bought any swimwear at Forever21 so feel free to share in the comments if you have. I can say though that the selection is gettin' good and the prices are ridiculous cheap compared to what I normally spend on swimwear! Here's a look at some of the Forever21 fatkinis available in Canada. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best High Waist Bikini (Fatkini) Bottoms

Still not a fan of the term "fatkini", but I will happily point you in the direction of the best bottoms for your fatkini look. A black high-waist bikini bottom is a must for any curvy girl whether she's planning to pair it with a bikini top, a tankini top, or nothing but some sunscreen. I love me a good bikini bottom and as far as I'm concerned there are a few must-haves when shopping for a pair:

- A good quality fabric that moves with you while still offering good support, preferably in black so you can pair them with all kinds of tops

- A leg opening that's not too high or too low so that you don't look matronly or like a workout star from the 80s

- Ruching or a roll/folding top for some added interest and versatility so you can pull 'em up or smoosh 'em down and they'll still look gorgeous

I was pleased as spiked punch to find a pair at Hips and Curves since I think their stuff is beautiful and their quality is great. The others are from Old Navy, Addition-Elle, and Mod Cloth so you know they're cute and budget-friendly.

Feel free to click on the pics for other sizes and availability and ordering. Doing so gets me a few pennies for my caffeine fix and the maintenance of this site ;)

And, if you have a plus size swimsuit retailer or specific fatkini / bikini bottom that you swear by, then please do share in the comments so that your fellow curvies can get in on them!

High Waisted Swim Bottom
Old Navy Womens Plus Ruched Control Max Swim Bottoms - Ebony
Old Navy Womens Plus Ruched Roll Panel Swim Bottoms - Ebony
mix and match solid swim bottom with
Addition-Elle - sizes X to 5X

Swim Brief Bottom.Black.3X
Addition-Elle - sizes X to 5X

Swim Bikini Bottom.Black.1X
Addition-Elle - sizes X to 5X

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Did You Know...?

I'm a writer who has been writing about health and fitness for over a decade. Betcha' didn't know that!
If you're interested in reading any of my health-related content, I have created a new page with previews and links. There you will be able to access some of my most recent health writing for Healthline and more. Click here to get to the page or use the tab above.

I'll be back later with a post on my all-time favorite topic: swimwear!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Playing Dress-Up: Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Can you believe it's already October? Boy did summer ever fly right by! Oh well, onto Fall and all the fun things it has to offer!

I've never been a fan of Halloween, but playing dress-up is always a good time and Halloween lets you do it to the max! For those of you looking for plus size Halloween costume ideas, I have trolled the sites and rounded up a few of my favorites. I know that sexy BBW Halloween costumes may be a bit of a cliche and not everyone's cup of tea, but as someone who likes to show off what her mama gave her, I can't help but be drawn to anything that shows off some leg and decolletage while cinching the waist for the perfect hourglass. So sexy plus size costumes it is!

Here are some of my faves. Hope it gives you some ideas for your own costume this Halloween. Oh--most of these inexpensive and budget-friendly too!